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Unlock the power of NetCredential and elevate your organization's impact with seamless certificate issuance, API integration, and comprehensive marketing support.

What do you get?

Platform Access

Gain exclusive access to the NetCredential platform and its powerful features, empowering you to send unlimited digital verifiable certificates for your event, effortlessly recognizing and validating achievements while ensuring prompt and secure delivery to all participants.

Marketing Support

Leverage our extensive social media reach and dedicated resources to maximize the visibility of your event, aligning with your expectations and driving engagement.

What are your deliverables?

  • Include our name as ‘Digital Certificate Sponsor’ on your sponsors list.
  • Make an official social media announcement to declare our partnership, ensuring to tag our account @netcredential.
  • Provide an honest review post-event, sharing your feedback on our services.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to use your logo in our certificates?

No, it is not required. You have the freedom to design the certificate as you wish, allowing you full control over its appearance and branding.