Streamlining Certificate Distribution for IIT Bombay’s Aakaar Festival with NetCredential

Aakaar, Asia's largest annual engineering festival hosted by IIT Bombay, offers a global platform for students to showcase their talents and learn from industry experts.


The Department of Civil Engineering at the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay organizes Aakaar, Asia’s Largest Annual Festival, to provide a platform for students from all over the world to showcase their engineering skills and innovation, and learn from experts in the field. Since it started in 2009, Aakaar has grown into a leader among Asian civil engineering festivals. It offers an unmatched stage every year for aspiring civil engineers from around India to display their abilities, compete, listen to educational lectures from well-known academicians and researchers, and take part in other events. The reach of Aakaar is extensive, drawing hundreds of driven young engineers from more than 300 colleges around the country.

The distribution of festival certificates was a big difficulty for the Aakaar organizing team in 2021. With a staggering 350-400 participants, including winners, participants, volunteers, presenters, and core committee members, it became extremely difficult to manually check everyone’s names, designations, and connections while also creating certificates. The team’s exploration of creative ideas in response to this difficulty eventually led them to interact with NetCredential, a reliable platform for digital credentials.


When it came to issuing certificates, the Aakaar festival’s organizing staff faced several significant difficulties:

Data verification: It was crucial to make sure that the participant data was accurate. To prevent discrepancies, names, designations, affiliations, and other details required careful verification.

Scale: With so many people, manually creating certificates was difficult, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes.

Complexity: The certificate-generating process was made more difficult by certain participants’ confusing names, gender-related concerns, or unusual designations.

Broad Categories: Aakaar’s broad group of participants needed certificates recognizing participation in several categories, including speakers, winners, volunteers, and core committee members. Specifications and standards varied for each category.


The Aakaar organizing team sought out NetCredential, a digital credential platform known for its expertise in streamlining and automating certificate issuance processes, in recognition of the need for a streamlined and effective solution. With regard to Aakaar’s problems, NetCredential efficiently handled them by offering an end-to-end solution:

Customization: NetCredential provided the Aakaar team with the ability to create certificates that were specifically suited to each category’s winners, participants, volunteers, speakers, and core committee members.

Data Verification: The platform included a strong data verification tool that automatically compared participant data with the supplied data, greatly lowering the possibility of errors.

User-Friendly Interface: The Aakaar team found it simple to upload participant data, track progress, and make necessary corrections thanks to NetCredential’s user-friendly user interface.

Automation: The organizing team was able to save time and effort by utilizing NetCredential’s automation capabilities to do away with the requirement for manual certificate preparation.

Data processing: By closely adhering to data privacy and security requirements, NetCredential ensured the secure processing of sensitive participant information.

The following crucial phases were included in the NetCredential implementation for Aakaar’s certificate distribution process:

Data Upload: The Aakaar team successfully uploaded participant data to the NetCredential platform, which included crucial facts including names, positions held, affiliations, and other pertinent information.

Customization: Making use of the platform’s numerous customization options, the team painstakingly created one-of-a-kind certificates for each category, making sure they reflected the grandeur and spirit of Aakaar.

Verification: To minimize errors and guarantee accurate certificate generation, the data verification feature automatically compared participant data with the supplied information.

Certificate Creation: Using the submitted data and specified templates, NetCredential’s automation capabilities quickly and accurately generated certificates.

Certificate Delivery: Certificates were digitally delivered to participants, to ensure a smooth and effective process. 

By implementing NetCredential, the Aakaar team enjoyed several key benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency: The distribution of certificates was expedited, saving the organizing team a significant amount of time and resources.

Unmatched Accuracy: Data verification greatly decreased errors, ensuring that certifications were provided with the greatest accuracy possible.

Customized Certificates: To increase the value and relevance of the certificates, they were deliberately tailored for each category.

Scalability: The platform from NetCredential was able to support the huge number of participants with ease, offering a scalable solution that satisfied Aakaar’s requirements.

Data Security: By strict data privacy laws, sensitive participant information was handled securely.


After working together with NetCredential, the Aakaar team has seen a considerable improvement in accuracy and efficiency. The certificate generation process has been accelerated thanks to NetCredential’s automated capabilities, enabling the organizing team to better allocate resources. Data verification has minimized potential disputes or inconsistencies among receivers by reducing errors and ensuring accuracy in certificate issuance.

Every participation category received personalized certificates, which increased their worth and significance. The infrastructure provided by NetCredential shows exceptional scalability,supporting events of any size. The platform proved its dedication to data security by processing private participant data under tight data privacy and security guidelines.

The distribution of certificates for Aakaar has been changed by the introduction of NetCredential, which ensures strict data security standards while enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. Aakaar and NetCredential’s collaboration is an example of how cutting-edge digital solutions may change event management procedures. This collaboration offers great promise for event organizers and participants in the future and promises a more productive world like it did for the Aakaar team.