NetCredential fuels entrepreneurship at IIT Bhubaneswar’s E-Summit with innovation

IIT Bhubaneswar's E-Summit, led by E-Cell, brings entrepreneurs and students together for innovation through lectures, workshops, and networking, fostering a dynamic platform for collaboration and growth.


The E-Summit stands as an annual flagship event meticulously orchestrated by the Entrepreneurship Cell at IIT Bhubaneswar. This dynamic platform serves as a nexus for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, bridging the realms of academia and venture capital. Comprising luminaries from diverse industries, the event not only offers startups access to a pool of talent but also features a visionary night where accomplished delegates inspire the next generation of entrepreneurial trailblazers.

Operated by the non-profit organization E-Cell, driven by the enthusiasm of IIT Bhubaneswar students, the E-Summit unfolds across four impactful days. Its primary mission is to ignite the entrepreneurial spark within students nationwide. The event facilitates interactions among industrialists, funding agencies, seasoned entrepreneurs, academia, and students from participating institutes. Packed with entrepreneurial guest lectures, workshops, panel discussions, a startup internship fair, and an investor drive, the E-Summit has become a magnet for future industry leaders.

With its burgeoning popularity, the E-Summit attracts a diverse array of participants, including winners, volunteers, speakers, and core committee members. It has emerged as a hallmark annual event, fostering entrepreneurship by providing a stage for connection and collaboration between venture capitalists, industry leaders, academia, and budding entrepreneurs. The event’s comprehensive agenda includes entrepreneurial guest lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and invaluable networking opportunities.


As the E-Summit expanded its reach, the once manageable certificate issuance process evolved into a complex challenge. Manual verification, involving cross-referencing names, designations, and affiliations, became a cumbersome and error-prone task, resulting in delays and operational inefficiencies. This tedious approach significantly hindered the festival’s smooth functioning.

The major challenges in E-Summit’s credential management process included:

  1. Ambiguities in Participant Data: The influx of participant information led to discrepancies and inconsistencies, making it difficult to ensure accurate and uniform details across certificates.
  2. Discrepancies in Personal Details: Varied personal information from participants added layers of complexity, leading to discrepancies in the final certificates issued.
  3. Time and Resource Intensive: The manual issuance process consumed significant time and manpower, diverting attention from crucial festival preparations and impacting efficiency.
  4. Risk of Errors: Manual verification increased the risk of errors, with the sheer volume of certificates amplifying the likelihood of mistakes, impacting the event’s professionalism.

This confluence of challenges created a bottleneck in the certificate issuance process, threatening the event’s efficiency and professionalism, necessitating a transformative solution.


To address these challenges, IIT Bhubaneswar adopted NetCredential, a cutting-edge digital credential platform. NetCredential’s secure and efficient platform streamlined the entire credential management process, from issuance to verification. Participants could easily register and access their certificates online, eliminating the need for manual verification and paper-based processes.

NetCredential revolutionized E-Summit’s credentialing process by offering:

  1. Centralized Data Management: NetCredential consolidated participant information in a centralized system, eradicating discrepancies and ensuring a streamlined verification process marked by heightened accuracy and uniformity.
  2. Efficient Certificate Generation: Leveraging automation, NetCredential redefined certificate design and issuance, minimizing manual efforts through customizable templates and automated options.
  3. Resource Optimization: NetCredential’s automation capabilities liberated human resources from certificate logistics, allowing the team to focus on enhancing the event experience.
  4. Automated Issuance and Verification: The platform’s automation eliminated manual intervention, reducing the probability of human errors and ensuring a seamless, error-free process.
  5. Streamlined Workflow: NetCredential simplified the entire workflow, saving time and resources and allowing for a redirected focus on enhancing overall event preparations.
  6. Secure and Tamper-Proof Credentials: NetCredential’s digital certificates boasted blockchain-based security, ensuring tamper-proof credentials and maintaining credibility and integrity.
  7. Enhanced Participant Experience: NetCredential empowered participants with easy online access to their certificates, offering a personalized and convenient experience, thus enhancing participant satisfaction.


The collaboration between NetCredential and E-Summit was not just about overcoming challenges; it epitomized the event’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled, secure, and streamlined experience for all stakeholders involved. NetCredential didn’t just improve; it revolutionized the very essence of E-Summit’s credentialing, paving the way for a future of seamless event management.

NetCredential transformed credentialing management at IIT Bhubaneswar’s E-Summit, turning it from a labyrinth of errors and logistical hurdles into a seamless, efficient operation. The platform ensured precision and accuracy by mitigating discrepancies in participant data and meticulously crafting certificates, eradicating errors and setting a new standard for event credentialing.

NetCredential’s implementation also amplified time and resource efficiency, reducing manual verification from days to mere minutes, freeing up valuable human resources for a dedicated focus on the Summit’s core facets. The user-centric approach provided participants with hassle-free online access to their certificates, fostering a sense of ease and convenience.

NetCredential’s innovative credential management fueled entrepreneurship at E-Summit, underscoring IIT Bhubaneswar’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, setting the bar for future events to emulate.