How NetCredential helped Simple Covid ensure the safety of airports guests & passengers during the pandemic

Simple Covid, a UK healthcare organization, streamlined Covid certificate issuance for secure travel using NetCredential's 24/7 digital platform during the Covid-19 pandemic.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the global travel industry faced numerous challenges, including the need for passengers to possess vaccine or Covid certificates while traveling to their destinations. Simple Covid, a healthcare organization located at a UK Airport, was tasked to ensure safe and secure travel in such tough times. The organization took on the responsibility of issuing Covid certificates to airport guests and passengers. Simple Covid thus played a key role in enabling passengers to travel to their destinations securely and hassle-free. For the organization, the safety of airport guests and passengers was a priority.


The Covid-19 pandemic was a nightmare, especially for the global travel industry, since it started spreading worldwide in early 2020. A ban on the travel industry was imposed globally and passengers were not allowed to board their flight without a vaccine or Covid certificate.

As it was tasked to issue these certificates, Simple Covid, faced significant challenges.  One of the challenges that the pandemic presented to the organization was to efficiently issue Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Tests and RT-PCR certificates. In fulfilling its responsibility, Simple Covid also faced several other challenges including: 

1) Managing the growing volume of Covid certificate distribution during the pandemic.

2) Efficiently issuing Covid certificates instantly and at any time of the day or night.

2) Ensuring proper verification and delivery of Covid certificates to airport guests.

.4) Ensuring that accurate vaccine or Covid certificates were issued to the passengers so that they could travel with assurance, securely, and hassle-free.


In such difficult circumstances selecting the right platform that could efficiently issue Covid certificates round-the-clock for the passengers was very challenging for healthcare organizations like Simple Covid. With the aim of ensuring the safety of airport guests, the organization sought a solution to efficiently manage and deliver Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Tests and RT-PCR certificates. Simple Covid eventually turned to a trustworthy digital certificate platform, NetCredential to streamline airport guests and passengers’ Covid certificate management and delivery. 

Simple Covid found NetCredential through a positive review on the G2 platform. Impressed by its efficient credential service, Simple Covid approached NetCredential in October 2020 to leverage its expertise in streamlining the verification process for Covid-19-related documents. 

Implementing NetCredential’s innovative solution enabled Simple Covid to effectively fulfill its responsibility of issuing Covid certificates for airport guests and passengers, ensuring their safety.

Simple Covid’s partnership with NetCredential helped the organization not only overcome the challenges it faced but also provided it with several benefits, including:

1) User-friendly interface and seamless integration capabilities: The smooth and efficient implementation process of NetCredential can be attributed to its user-friendly interface and seamless integration capabilities. NetCredential’s cutting-edge technology enabled Simple Covid, to guarantee unparalleled security and dependability to airport guests and passengers during the pandemic. 

2) White Labeling and API Integration: As part of their air travel requirements, Simple Covid needed to ensure that their guests possessed valid Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test and RT-PCR certificates. By leveraging NetCredential’s White Labeling and API Integration features, they seamlessly integrated our solution into their existing systems, creating a seamless experience for their customers. 

3) 24*7 instant service: During Covid-19 passengers required vaccine or Covid certificates so that they can be allowed to board a flight to travel to another place. Simple Covid also benefited from NetCredential’s instant 24*7 service, ensuring swift and efficient support whenever needed, in such an emergency situation where the passengers needed the above-mentioned certificates instantly and at any time of the day or night. It is noteworthy that NetCredential delivered the certificates round-the-clock, quickly, and on time without any delay. 

4) Seamless customer support: NetCredential also provided smooth and continuous customer support to Simple Covid. If there was any error regarding the passenger details in the certificates for eg. if the passengers’ name in the travel documents did not match that in the certificate issued then NetCredential also rectified the mistake round-the-clock and instantly. Additionally, NetCredential also assigned a dedicated customer success manager to Simple Covid to provide personalized assistance and ensured their satisfaction with NetCredential’s service.


The decision to collaborate with NetCredential proved to be the right one for Simple Covid in overcoming its challenges. The digital credential platform’s efficient services and advanced technology enabled Simple Covid to effectively fulfill its responsibility by streamlining Covid certificate management and delivery. NetCredential’s 24×7 instant service and seamless customer support helped Simple Covid ensure the safety of airport guests and passengers, which was the organization’s priority. 

One of NetCredential’s key benefits that mattered most at the time was issuing accurate Covid certificates round-the-clock and instantly. Thus as the fight against the pandemic continued, NetCredential emerged as a need-of-the-hour solution that provided benefits to Simple Covid that no other digital credential platform provided at the time.  NetCredential’s cutting-edge solution helped Simple Covid effectively manage and verify vital health data of passengers during the pandemic.  Most importantly NetCredential’s efficient service and sophisticated technology allowed passengers to reach their destinations on time, safely, and hassle-free even during the tough times of Covid-19.