How NetCredential Helped Inchin Closer Issue Certificates More Efficiently to its Students

Inchin Closer partnered with NetCredential to automate certificate issuance, eliminating delays and errors, and enhancing credibility and accessibility for students


Inchin Closer is an India-China language study institute that specializes in the language and culture of India and China. Their objective is to strengthen connections between India and China via diverse activities such as people-to-people exchanges, information exchanges, and cross-border initiatives. Inchin Closer is a premium service committed to offering high-quality knowledge to anyone looking to bridge the gap between these two countries. It operates from Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore.


Inchin Closer encountered several challenges in issuing certificates to its students after they completed their courses. The traditional process of manually issuing and delivering the certificates was fraught with difficulties, such as errors, and delays. Furthermore, the institute wanted to ease automation and provide a safe and effective way for students to verify, exchange, and maintain their credentials.  

Not only Inchin Closer but also its students faced several issues with the way the institute was managing its credentials:

a. Certificate Delivery Delays: The manual certificate issuance process often led to significant delays, frustrating students who required their certificates promptly.

b. Prone to Errors: The manual handling of certificate information increased the likelihood of typographical errors and other inaccuracies, compromising the credibility of the certificates.

c. Technical Restrictions: Inchin Closer lacked technical skills in sending certificates and properly automating the procedure. As a result, manual methods became time-consuming and error-prone.

d. Students’ Issues in Authenticating Credentials: After the delay in receiving their certificates, the students found it hard to authenticate their credentials. Due to this, they faced difficulty in promptly presenting their certificates to prospective employers, educational institutions, or other relevant parties.

e. Inefficient Verification: Not just the students but also their prospective employers found it challenging to verify the authenticity of certificates. This led to longer assessments of the students’ backgrounds and further delays in their employment. 


To put an end to all the issues itself as well as its students were facing, Inchin Closer was looking for a reliable solution. The organization aimed to simplify the process of managing the certificates by automating them entirely, decreasing administrative stress, and increasing productivity. 

Inchin Closer eventually found the solution it was looking for in a reliable certificate management platform, NetCredential. The platform provided an all-encompassing answer to the problems Inchin Closer was facing as well as its students were facing. 

The partnership with NetCredential provided Inchin Closer with the following features and benefits :

a. Certificate Automation: NetCredential streamlined the certificate issuing process by automating certificate production and delivery. After completing a course, Inchin Closer might automatically distribute certificates to students, saving time and minimizing manual mistakes.

b. User-Friendly Interface: NetCredential’s user-friendly interface made it simple for the institute’s non-technical employees to traverse the platform and effectively manage certificate-related duties. It removed the need for substantial technical knowledge, allowing workers to focus on essential tasks.

c. Simplified exchange: By providing digital copies of the certificates in a generally recognized format, NetCredential supported the smooth exchange of Inchin Closer’s credentials with the students. This enabled the students to share their certificates with prospective employers or educational institutions securely by email, and on time.

c. Secure Verification Mechanism: NetCredential established robust verification techniques that allow students to confirm the validity of their certificates. This feature increased the legitimacy of Inchin Closer’s credentials and allowed the students to share them with key parties confidently and on time.


Inchin Closer’s partnership with NetCredential helped the institute overcome its certificate management challenges effectively. NetCredential principally assisted Inchin Closer in issuing course completion certificates to its students hassle-free. The digital credential platform brought a significant change in the institute’s certificate management system by automating the certificate issue process, simplifying automation, and enabling secure verification and sharing features.  The implementation of NetCredential by Inchin Closer resulted in better efficiency, higher credibility, and improved accessibility by the students. The institute was now able to concentrate on its primary objective of enhancing India-China language study, secure in the knowledge that its certificate management is in skillful hands.

The collaboration with NetCredential helped Inchin Closer issue certificates more efficiently to its students with the following results:  

a. Process Simplified: NetCredential removed manual activities, decreasing administrative effort and saving time. The automated issue and management of certificates reduced procedures, allowing the school to focus on offering high-quality language training.

b. Increased Efficiency: Because the certificate management process was streamlined and automated, Inchin Closer was able to issue certificates quickly. This enhanced the overall learning experience of the students.

c. Increased Accessibility: The digital certificate format used by NetCredential makes it easier for students to obtain and distribute their certificates. It did away with the necessity for physical copies and allowed a simple means of verification and distribution, even in remote or online settings. d. Enhanced Credibility: NetCredential’s safe verification process confirmed the integrity and legitimacy of Inchin Closer’s certificates. This enhanced the credibility of the institute’s qualifications and raised its value among the students.