How CyberFrat found NetCredential to be Cost-Effective & User-Friendly 

The CyberFrat and NetCredential partnership transformed credential management with cost savings, streamlined processes, enhanced branding, and seamless integration, enhancing efficiency and professionalism.


CyberFrat is a dynamic enterprise risk management services provider that places a considerable emphasis on cybersecurity, risk management, and new technologies. CyberFrat serves as a hub for learning about growing cyber risks and effective mitigation tactics utilizing technology-based solutions. Its global network of over 20,000 cyber enthusiasts makes it one of the largest cyber enthusiast communities in the world. In the field of cybersecurity, the organization provides individual and corporate training alternatives, security awareness initiatives, content creation via the CyberFrat Creator program, advice services, and specialist recruiting opportunities.


Initially, CyberFrat was using the credential management platform Accredible, which presented the company with several challenges. The user experience that CyberFrat had while using the Accredible platform was not as good as the company wanted it to be. Because of the complexity of the platform, it was difficult to access and utilize properly. This hindered CyberFrat’s capacity to issue and maintain credentials in a smooth manner and effectively. 

The pricing approach offered by Accredible, which assessed fees based on the number of users as opposed to the number of certificates, was another issue CyberFrat was facing. Because of the way the prices were structured, CyberFrat incurred expenditures that were not required, particularly as the company worked to broaden the scope of its training offerings and increase the number of certifications it issued. 

Apart from facing difficulties while using it, CyberFrat found the Accredible platform too expensive to fulfill the company’s credential management needs. 


CyberFrat started looking for a solution that was not only more user-friendly but also more cost-effective so that it could accommodate its expanding community and its wide variety of training options. Finally, the company found that solution in the digital credential platform, NetCredential, which proved to be both cost-effective and user-friendly. 

CyberFrat eventually switched to NetCredential, which helped the company more effectively overcome its challenges. Apart from being cost-effective, and user-friendly, NetCredential provided CyberFrat with various other benefits. All these benefits directly addressed CyberFrat’s pain points and helped it meet its credential management needs efficiently.

Flexible price mechanism: NetCredential offered CyberFrat a more cost-effective solution by providing a price mechanism that was determined on a per-certificate basis. Because of the way pricing was structured, CyberFrat was able to produce a greater number of certificates without increasing its overall cost of doing business.

Easy to Use Interface: The simple and user-friendly interface that NetCredential provides helped to speed up the process of issuing credentials and managing them. Because of this, CyberFrat was able to simplify the delivery of certificates to its community members, training participants, and corporate clients in a seamless manner, which was of utmost importance to the organization.

Scalability: Because of NetCredential’s scalability, CyberFrat was able to accommodate its development without experiencing any constraints or disruptions in the administration of its credentials, even as the organization worked toward expanding the scope of its training programs and the size of its community.

Customization: Thanks to NetCredential, CyberFrat was able to generate customization certificates that were in line with the company’s branding and aesthetic tastes. This customization resulted in an improved level of professionalism in the design of the certificates that were produced, which was beneficial to the brand image of CyberFrat.

Integration Capabilities: Due to the integration capabilities offered by NetCredential, customers of CyberFrat were able to have a more streamlined experience. Integration with the business’s already-in-place systems and platforms expedited the process of certificate distribution and made it easier for information to move across the organization.


The collaboration between CyberFrat and NetCredential yielded substantial outcomes that had a favorable influence on the organization’s operations related to credential management, including the following:

Cost Savings: As a result of making the switch to the per-certificate price model offered by NetCredential, CyberFrat was able to realize significant cost savings. The organization would not be under the same financial strain as it had been in the past while using Accredible and would be able to distribute certificates to a greater number of participants.

Streamlined Certificate Management Process: Thanks to the user-friendly interface of NetCredential, the process of issuing and managing certificates has become streamlined for CyberFrat. This has contributed to a more favorable experience for members of CyberFrat’s community as well as training participants.

Efficiency and Scalability: The scalable solution provided by NetCredential supported CyberFrat’s expansion objectives by ensuring that the credential management process remained both efficient and effective, even as the organization’s reach extended. This allowed the solution to support CyberFrat’s growth ambitions.

Branding and Professionalism: Thanks to the customization possibilities provided by NetCredential, CyberFrat was able to keep its brand identity consistent throughout all of its certificates, which contributed to an improved professional image and credibility for the company.

Integration Benefits: The integration features of NetCredential allowed for the interchange of data and distribution of certificates in a fluid manner, which aligned with CyberFrat’s already established systems and procedures.

The integration of NetCredential into CyberFrat’s credential management process marked a significant turning point for the organization. NetCredential simplified certificate issuing and maintenance with a cost-effective, user-friendly, and scalable solution that addressed the prior platform’s issues. With an effective credential management system, CyberFrat was able to deploy resources more efficiently, improve user experience, and support expansion. The collaboration with CyberFrat enhanced NetCredential’s operational efficiency and reputation as a trustworthy cybersecurity and risk management company.