Global Conference Hub streamlined certificate issuance and distribution with NetCredential’s partnership

Global Conference Hub streamlined certificate issuance using NetCredential, eliminating manual errors, simplifying access for authors, and enhancing professional visibility through easy social media sharing


A well-known organization based in India, Global Conference Hub is a Unit of RSP Science Hub. It was started in 2019 to organize conferences in association with universities and institutes. Global Conference Hub also publishes papers through an open-access International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub (IRJASH) Journal (e- ISSN 2582-4376), which allows Researchers, Engineers, Scientists, UG/PG students, Research Scholars, and Industry experts from all over the world to improve the status of existing R&D operations in every way. The main office of RSP Science Hub is in the Indian city of Coimbatore. RSP Team has put together 27 e-International Conferences that went well. The goal of the Conference Hub is to grow and integrate the knowledge base, encourage innovation, raise awareness of the amazing research being done, and improve the job chances of each participant.


Global Conference Hub had a hard time creating and sending certificates manually to authors who participated in their events. The process took a long time and effort. Some authors might not even have received them certificates in their inbox or wouldn’t have been able to view them.

Apart from the above, Global Conference Hub faced the following challenges while creating and sending certificates.

Error-Prone and Incomplete Certificates: Because the process was done by hand, there was a higher chance of writing mistakes and missing author information, which made the certificates look unprofessional.

Accessibility issues: Some authors had trouble getting to the conference website, which made it harder for them to get the certificates and share them.

Difficulty in Retrieving Certificates: Authors had trouble looking for their certificates, especially when more than one certificate was sent to the same email address. This made it harder and took longer to get their licenses.


Global Conference Hub met its problems head-on, by turning to NetCredential, a digital certificate platform. NetCredential transformed the certificate management process and benefited Global Conference Hub, which needed a solution that was easy to use and efficient. The two worked together to make it easier and safer for Global Conference Hub to make and send certificates. With NetCredential, authors can access their credentials at any time and from any location. They can also share their certificates on social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin. This makes it easier for authors to show off their work and connect with their peers and other experts.

NetCredential offered the following features and benefits to Global Conference Hub:

Increased efficiency: NetCredential has made it easier for Global Conference Hub to make and send certificates. Creating certificates by hand took a long time and often led to mistakes. With NetCredential, it only takes a few minutes for Global Conference Hub to make certificates.

Greater security: NetCredential uses the highest security standards in the business to protect the safety and validity of certificates. This means that the authors can be sure that their certificates are safe and cannot be altered.

Increased convenience: 

Authors can now access their certificates whenever they want and from wherever they are at the moment. They can also share their certificates on sites like Facebook and Linkedin. This makes it easier for authors to show off their work and get to know other pros in their field.

Automated Certificate Creation: With NetCredential, it was no longer necessary to create certificates by hand. The platform made it easy for event managers to make professional certificates with no mistakes.

Secure Certificate Storage: All of the certificates were stored in a safe place on the NetCredential site, so the authors could get to them easily and at any time. This took away the chance of certificates getting misplaced or forgotten.

Easy Certificate Retrieval: Authors could retrieve

their certificates by logging in to the NetCredential site. This tool made it much easier and took a lot less time to find and use their passwords.

Sharing on social media: NetCredential made it easy for writers to share their badges on different social media sites, like Facebook and Linkedin which made them more visible and known in their professional networks.


NetCredential revolutionized Global Conference Hub’s certificate issuance and distribution process, eliminating manual errors, simplifying access, and enhancing author satisfaction. The digital certificate platform improved efficiency, accuracy, and user experience, benefiting organizations and stakeholders

The collaboration with NetCredential proved to benefit Global Conference Hub in the following ways:

Greater efficiency: The automatic certificate generation process cut down on the time and effort spent on manual tasks, so conference managers could focus on other important parts of event management.

Improved Accuracy: With NetCredential, writing mistakes and missing author information was no longer possible, so certificates were free of mistakes and looked professional.

Access and retrieval were made easier: Authors could easily get their certificates at any time, which got rid of the delays and hassles that came with the old physical process. This improvement to the user experience made the authors much happier.Increased Visibility: By making it easy to share on social media sites, NetCredential gave writers a simple way to show off their accomplishments and credentials, which helped them get more attention and respect in their professional groups.