Empowering Global Fitness Education: The Fitclub Academy’s Digital Transformation with NetCredential

The Fitclub Academy streamlined digital certificate issuance through NetCredential, a cost-effective, reliable platform with exceptional customer support, allowing TFA to focus on global fitness education excellence


The Fitclub Academy (TFA)® is an educational institution with a special focus on fitness training. It is a division of TFA Fitness Education & Research LLP, a reputable organization in India that specializes in fitness education and research. The organization was established to provide high-quality training in fitness and health to those who wish to become fitness experts as well as skilled fitness professionals worldwide. 

Since it was founded, TFA has become a leading organization in the fields of professional training and fitness education. The organization is on a mission to provide the best fitness and health education to its students. TFA is dedicated to offering in-person instruction supervised by experienced instructors and corporate executives. All of TFA’s students get training that complies with both local and international standards. All of TFA’s students get training to satisfy domestic and international standards. Its objective is to deliver in-person instruction from knowledgeable instructors and business executives. 


TFA aimed to create and distribute certificates digitally since its inception. They sought a trustworthy, verified digital credential solution that would make issuing certificates secure and easy. They also sought a cost-effective solution for managing credentials. After considering several rival systems, TFA ultimately chose NetCredential as it proved to be the right choice for their needs.

The Fitclub Academy faced challenges in selecting the ideal digital credential solution, as they wanted to simplify matters for both their business and fitness training recipients. The current market solutions were either out of their budget or too costly, making it difficult for TFA to find a cost-effective solution that could satisfy their specific requirements and improve the customer experience. After considering 10-12 other options, TFA ultimately chose to collaborate with NetCredential. 


TFA went through a comprehensive screening process before finding a reliable and affordable digital credential platform, NetCredential. TFA chose the platform for several reasons. First off, NetCredential offers a dependable solution. Second, NetCredential is accessible and affordable for both TFA and its students. Third, TFA valued NetCredential’s excellent customer assistance because they had never utilized a solution for digital credentials before. 

TFA commends NetCredential today for being an affordable and reliable digital credential system that also offers excellent customer support. For TFA, NetCredential is outstanding, because of its ease of use and outstanding benefits and features: 

Affordability: TFA has found a cost-effective solution in NetCredential, enabling the organization to make the most of its funds and invest them in enhancing its fitness education initiatives. The platform’s low cost made it a good choice for TFA, which at the time had limited resources because it was a startup. Compared to other digital identification tools TFA looked at, NetCredential is less costly. As a result of this, TFA has been able to save significant resources on the credential management process.

Certificate Issuance Streamlined: Through the elimination of paper forms that needed to be manually filled out and the reduction of administrative effort, NetCredential made it simpler for TFA to obtain certifications. TFA could now distribute digital certificates fast and simply, saving time and effort, thanks to the user-friendly NetCredential interface.

Sharing certificates more easily and securely: TFA can easily provide certificates to its users thanks to NetCredential. The TFA can keep track of where each certificate is in the process of being awarded and learners can simply get their certificates online.

Accessibility and verifiability: TFA’s digital certificates were produced by NetCredential to be trustworthy, verifiable, and simple for kids to get. People were able to access their digital credentials at any time and from any location, which aided in their professional advancement and made it simpler for potential employers to check them out.

Walking a second mile in customer service: One noteworthy attribute of NetCredential is that it goes above and above to assist consumers, according to The Fitclub Academy. The NetCredential team was always there to assist TFA when they faced issues while using the platform. 


The Fitclub Academy is glad to have found a partner in NetCredential that was always there to help with its credential management issues. Since it implemented the technologically sophisticated digital credential platform, TFA has observed that NetCredential is cost-effective and easy to use. This has allowed the organization to better use its limited budget and resources. According to TFA, one of the many benefits of using NetCredential is its customer support, which assisted the organization in resolving any difficulty they had while using the solution.

One of the aspects of NetCredential that TFA is pleased with is the excellent customer service it offers, in addition to its affordability. That is a very important feature for The Fitclub Academy as it is still in its infancy. Thanks to NetCredential, TFA will now provide its students with digital credentials that can be validated and aid them in their careers as fitness instructors. With NetCredential as a reliable partner, TFA can now focus on its mission of offering top-notch fitness teaching and research as it strives to lead the world in fitness training.