BloomBox revolutionized credentials using NetCredential, streamlining processes and boosting entrepreneurship.

BloomBox, a student-led entrepreneurship cell at K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai, empowers future business leaders through events, classes, and seminars, fostering innovation and drive.


BloomBox, a not-for-profit, student-run Entrepreneurship Cell at K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is dedicated to instilling an entrepreneurial spirit among students. Founded with the mission of supporting and empowering future business leaders, BloomBox provides tools and connections for students to transform creative ideas into successful businesses through events, classes, and seminars. The organization focuses on intellectual property, core business principles, and related themes, guiding students in idea generation, testing, technological problem-solving, financial management (microfinance, stock exchange), and understanding the significance of intellectual property in the modern business landscape. BloomBox stands as more than an organization; it is a dynamic force shaping the mindset of future business leaders through forums, case studies, and social entrepreneurship, embodying innovation and drive synonymous with Mumbai’s success.


BloomBox faced several challenges related to issuing, managing, and sharing credentials:

  1. High Cost: Traditional printing and certificate issuance incurred significant expenses, straining the organization’s budget.
  2. Delays and Inefficiencies: Manual certificate delivery resulted in time-consuming processes, prone to errors, and delayed students in showcasing their accomplishments promptly.
  3. Complex and Time-Consuming Process: The outdated, decentralized approach to certificate distribution involved numerous steps, lacking central control, leading to difficulty in handling and tracking certificates efficiently.


In response to these challenges, BloomBox opted for NetCredential, a reliable digital credential platform, seeking a faster, more cost-effective solution. NetCredential eliminated costly printing and delivery, automating the credential issuance process and ensuring timely certificate delivery. The platform provided a centralized system for certificate management, simplifying tracking, access, and verification.

NetCredential’s issuance of e-certificates for BloomBox E-Summit events revolutionized the organization’s credentialing process, saving costs, improving efficiency, and enhancing the overall student experience.


The partnership with NetCredential yielded significant benefits for BloomBox:

  1. Cost Savings: BloomBox experienced a substantial reduction in printing and shipping costs, allowing for increased investment in primary projects.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: The streamlined digital identity process reduced the time required for certificate distribution and minimized errors.
  3. Increased Security: NetCredential’s robust security features ensured the confidentiality of student information, safeguarding the credential distribution process.
  4. Enhanced Event Management: Adoption of the platform facilitated smoother and more efficient event management, benefiting both organizers and attendees.

BloomBox, through its collaboration with NetCredential, now manages credentials more effectively, addressing challenges of high costs and delays. The secure platform ensures the safety of private student information and streamlines the distribution of digital credentials. The adoption of NetCredential reflects BloomBox’s commitment to innovation and continuous growth, resulting in a more cost-effective, efficient, and secure certificate distribution method. This collaboration has empowered students to showcase their achievements confidently.

NetCredential exemplifies how technology can transform traditional processes, providing the tools necessary for individuals to reach their full potential, mirroring BloomBox’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of businesses.